Managing inspection dates

Managing the maintenance of thousands of fire protection assets in a timely and cost-effective manner is a daily challenge for fire protection...

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Defect quoting made easy

Managing defects in a fire protection maintenance business is fundamental to safety, compliance, and business profitability.

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Information at the click of a button

Your FireMate database contains an ever-growing volume of information.

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Customising the FireMate Dashboard

Many FireMate desktop users spend a lot of time on the FireMate Dashboard each day.

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next-level compliance

NEXT-LEVEL compliance

Deliver NEXT-LEVEL fire protection maintenance services!

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Customising email templates

Whether you send out emails manually or as an automatically scheduled report – FireMate email templates are easily customised.

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Custom fields on products

You probably know that you can create custom products in FireMate, but did you know that it’s also possible to add custom fields to any product?

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FireMate Knowledge Base

Be in the Know

The new FireMate Knowledge Base is live!

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transforming an ancient industry

Transforming a 2000-year-old industry

Do we have Emperor Nero to thank for modern-day fire protection?

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Splitting Routine Activities

Did you know that you can easily split the Product Inspection Periods out of a Routine Activity and assign them to different techs, or schedule them...

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