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Optimise your business and deliver exceptional customer service

Award-winning business management software for fire protection maintenance service providers.

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Be more effective

Our complete solution saves you time by seamlessly connecting field techs, service managers, business managers and your customers. No more double handling or duplicates.

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Be more compliant 

Manage complex compliance requirements with ease. Enable on-site teams to easily collect all information needed so your service managers can effortlessly produce compliant reports.

Be more profitable

Easily create evidence-based defect quotes. Efficiently schedule rectification, automatically invoice jobs and collect money sooner.

Does any of this sound familiar?

We know your pain. Let us show you how we've helped thousands of fire protection professionals get a handle on their businesses. We're ready if you are. 

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Compliance tick

"Compliance requirements are constantly changing. It's hard to keep up."


"Having to chase up customers for defect quote approvals impacts our cash flow and resourcing."


"Our processes are so inefficient that I don't get everything done and never get home on time."


"We're missing tests because it's hard to keep track of all the asset inspections we need to do."

Purpose-built software for everyone in your business

Designed to connect your team and improve the way you work.

Enabling clever business decisions

As a business owner or manager, FireMate helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Our fire protection maintenance software was written for service providers like you and offers full visibility of all the key information and business metrics you need to run your fire maintenance business.

Essential business insights, including outstanding invoices, defects yet to be rectified, field tech optimisation and much more, are all delivered with the goal of helping you make clever business decisions.

Happy Business Managers    Happy Team    Happy Customers!  



Streamline your day and stay on top of every job

Service or Operations Managers are the heartbeat of fire protection businesses, and FireMate's software is designed to keep that heart pumping with as little stress as possible.

Replace generic job management systems with software created by fire protection professionals for fire protection professionals. Easily stay on top of scheduling, quoting, defect management, invoicing and compliance reporting. 

Happy Service Managers    Happy Team    Happy Customers!  




Information always in the palm of your hand

FireMate's Mobile App lets fire techs focus on the task in front of them by providing instant access to all the information they need. With familiar workflows and all data synchronised back to the office, FireMate reduces paperwork, saves time and makes the techs' job easier.

Thousands of fire techs across the world use their FireMate Mobile App every day to organise their day and get more done.

Happy Techs    Happy Team    Happy Customers!  



Simplified fire protection compliance

FireMate's software offers property managers simple access to important fire protection compliance information for their properties. Reports that are easy to read reduce the complexity of fire protection for your customers. 

Reports can be automatically emailed or securely retrieved from the Customer Portal 24/7. Property managers can view and action all the typical day-to-day information they might otherwise need to call or email about. Site asset registers, invoices, compliance reports and property lists can all be viewed and downloaded, plus outstanding defects and quotes can be approved directly from the portal.

Happy Customers    Happy Team    Growing Business!  



Pioneering fire protection maintenance software 

Three integrated modules to streamline your business operations.

FireMate Professional

Simplicity for office professionals

The FireMate Professional browser-based application is the nerve centre of FireMate's cloud-based fire protection maintenance software. It provides business and service managers with the tools, systems and business insights they need to run a thriving fire protection maintenance business.

It combines generic job management and manual systems, such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, calendars, job sheets etc., into one easy-to-use, automated online solution. Scheduling, quoting, defect management, reporting and invoicing are all managed from a central location.

FireMate Field App

Simplicity for field staff

With the FireMate Field App, on-site techs can create new or edit site asset registers on the run; they can capture photos and record critical as well as non-critical defects, non-conformances, and recommendations.

The workload that has been created in the office will automatically download on your techs’ device. They can access directions and site notes and log their jobs without having to complete endless paperwork. And all the information synchronises with the office. It really is that simple!

FireMate Field App works offline to ensure full functionality in underground or remote areas. And it is compatible with all Apple iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Customer Portal

Simplicity for your customers

The FireMate Customer Portal means you can offer your clients 24/7 secure access to essential fire protection compliance information. The self-service portal allows clients to view and action all the typical day-to-day information they might ordinarily call or email you for: site asset registers, invoices, and compliance reports can all be viewed and downloaded, plus outstanding defects and quotes can be approved directly from the portal.

The Customer Portal saves time for you and your clients, ensures access to critical compliance information, and helps you look like a star with your clients. Win-Win-Win!


"Straight away I could see that FireMate came from our world. It had obviously been built by someone with the same mindset as us."

— Sai Dale, Select Essential

Action-packed features 

Helping you get the right things done quickly



Easily schedule thousands of routine maintenance activities within seconds, ensuring compliance with standards and contractual obligations. 

You'll never miss a test again.


Contract administration 

Manage thousands of contracts, properties and customers, or just a few. Get organised with automatic billing, contract rollovers and annual CPI adjustments.

Deliver outstanding service.


Inbuilt standards 

Imagine having the exact clause of a standard on-screen as you need it. No more flipping through printed documents or scrolling through hundreds of pages of a PDF.

Next-level productivity!



FireMate's out-of-the-box reports deliver the information you and your customers need. Stay on top of your business with live reports that you can save, filter on the fly and export.

Turning data into insights.


Integrated photos

Include photos of assets, defects and properties to streamline maintenance activities and quote approvals. Supply evidence-based compliance reports.

... worth a thousand words.



Bill your customers the way that suits them with multiple invoicing options. From 'Contract invoicing' to 'Price per Inspection' - our invoicing flexibility helps you deliver exceptional customer service. 

More money in than out.


Field team efficiency

Enable field techs to make the best use of their time. Forward job updates straight to their mobile, manage workloads, and sync photos from properties immediately for reporting.

Productivity on the go!


And so much more!

Years of developing software for the fire industry means we have answers to most of your problems. Let's talk about the rest of our features that are important for your business.

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