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It's been said that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. We figure that works for organisations too. 

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Partnering - it's the way we roll

FireMate supports and actively collaborates with industry organisations and key partners across the globe.

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FireMate is a long-term NFIA Premium Partner providing leadership and sponsorship of various NFIA activities.


FireMate is a long-term Platinum member of the FPA Australia and actively participates in the annual Fire Australia Conference and Tradeshow.

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FireMate is a certified FIA member and a regular contributor at various FIA forums, expos and presentations.

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FireMate and Xero’s accounting software connects you with the correct numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.


FireMate and Standards Australia partnered to deliver a pioneering integration between FireMate’s software and the Australian Standards™.


The team at AESC get customer service and the importance of fire safety, and they’re just nice people to work with. 


Red Converse shoes are literally part of our uniform at FireMate. So much fun and very cool!


The Dux team is responsible for many of the photos on this website and in FireMate’s brochures and collateral. 


Kevin and the team at Helpful Hero supported our development of this website with their super-flexible template. Kevin's can-do attitude and rapid turnaround time is fantastic.


The team at Monocera provide FireMate with professional and courteous support on all things IT.


Ian delivers valuable recommendations to FireMate to maximise our investment in HubSpot.


Victor & Flo support FireMate's digital marketing activities with their unrelenting focus to maximise FireMate’s return on investment.


Windsor know the fire industry and works with the NFIA and the FPA Australia, as the industry’s preferred insurance broker.


Craig and the team at Xen provide valuable consulting and advice to FireMate on best practice methods to leverage HubSpot in our business.

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