NEXT-LEVEL customer service

Grow your business with NEXT-LEVEL customer service! 🤝😊

The core to the success of your business are your customers – happy customers. 
FireMate helps you to exceed your customers’ expectations with comprehensive and comprehensible reports and a self-service customer portal for 24/7 access. 
The customer portal gives your customers the ability to: 
• review the current status of each of their properties individually 
• submit a call-out through the portal, notifying your admin staff of the request 
• view and download test results, site asset registers, invoices and compliance reports 
• approve outstanding defects and quotes 
• view outstanding jobs, invoices for payment or quotes awaiting approval 
Find out how FireMate helps fire protection specialists worldwide to provide NEXT-LEVEL customer service and grow their business.

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Next-level customer service
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