A modern approach to fire alarm systems

Fire safety – as critical as ever

Every facility or property manager recognises their core responsibility to keep people and property safe. Ensuring compliance with fire safety standards and other regulations means that fire equipment is working correctly and evacuation procedures are clear. Likewise, testing and maintaining fire alarm management systems against these standards is the cornerstone of building fire safety. However, managing fire alarm systems across several buildings or a property portfolio is not straightforward. No two buildings are the same, including fire alarm systems, and the complexity increases when multiple service providers perform testing and maintenance.

A single view

Nimbus from FireMate offers property managers and fire maintenance professionals a single view of these life-saving systems. The system provides the ability to fully control and monitor every alarm in your property portfolio and see all information relating to each alarm in real-time via a desktop or mobile internet connection.

Nimbus - Be connected - A modern approach for fire alarm systems

Scalable and reliable

Nimbus is delivered using modern cloud-based infrastructure, which means the system is highly reliable and suitable for a single building or an extensive property portfolio. The system offers visibility of your entire fire alarm portfolio anywhere, anytime, regardless of fire alarm type or manufacturer

Instant event notifications

Receive confirmed fire, fault, isolation, and other notifications by email, mobile, or web. Get the complete picture of your fire assets by quickly drilling down into device location, status and further details.

Automatic capture of testing

Nimbus provides unequivocal proof that service testing has been undertaken to appropriate standards through the automatic, non-editable digital collection of test data. This data also provides the basis for management reports and audits.

Simple installation

Nimbus is a non-intrusive add-on to existing fire alarm control panels that is simple to install. Nimbus is compatible with most analogue and addressable fire alarm control panels and presents the system status and data in a simple to use format.

Reduce unconfirmed fire events

Reduce false alarms with the Nimbus Confirmed Fire event. Nimbus can identify and send alerts on confirmed fires when fire events are detected in quick succession in a defined zone. Engineers can also feedback on fire events to a centralised location.

Nimbus from FireMate – a modern approach to fire alarm management.

FIA Nimbus

This article was written by FireMate and originally published by the Fire Industry Association of the UK (FIA UK) in November 2021.

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