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Nimbus Mobile Gateway 

The portable solution for connecting fire alarm systems to the cloud. Get more done by streamlining maintenance and commissioning.

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Nimbus Mobile Gateway

The Mobile Gateway is a small portable device that enables fire technicians and engineers to access fire panels when on-site. The Mobile Gateway saves hours of tedious paperwork, improves accuracy, and takes just a few minutes to connect.

Because the Mobile Gateway links on-site engineers or techs directly to the fire panel, they can receive immediate feedback from the panel as they inspect and test connected assets.

All service and test results are centrally recorded in the Nimbus cloud-hosted system, improving the testing procedures. Engineers can now focus on fixing and troubleshooting fire protection issues instead of dealing with paperwork.

Streamline your work day and get more done

Interact with the fire panel as you inspect and test assets. Easily record test results and provide automatic proof of testing. 

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Paperless records

Create a central log of service activity by device, engineer/tech and date, reducing administration workload and costs. Securely produces an independent proof-of-testing audit trail, streamlining external auditing. 

Performance data

Facilitates monitoring and analysis of each site and engineer workload.

Plan and schedule 

Define service visits required per annum and which fire alarm devices are to be tested each visit. 

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