Be in the know

Nimbus Fixed Gateway

Connect fire alarm panels to the Nimbus cloud-hosted system to be in the know – 24/7.  

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Be notified

The Fixed Gateway is the conduit between fire protection assets and the Nimbus cloud-hosted system. The device is designed to be permanently connected to a fire alarm panel and other independent devices like fire pumps and intruder alarm systems, providing critical event notifications – 24/7.

Be operational quickly

The Fixed Gateway non-intrusively listens to host fire panels or other systems, and its small footprint and uncomplicated design make installation a breeze for fire engineers and technicians. 

Be connected

The Fixed Gateway incorporates an inbuilt cellular connection and a wired Ethernet internet connection. Both can be simultaneously connected with automatic failover should one connection be unavailable.


Be in the know and simplify compliance management

The Nimbus Fixed Gateway is your passport to a world of relevant information that helps you remain compliant and ensure safety.

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Granular access to records

Nimbus creates a cloud-hosted central log of service activity and event notifications that can be easily accessed from any internet connection.

Performance insights

View real-time system performance information and export reports for in-depth analysis and review.

Anytime, anywhere

24/7 access offers unparalleled control, visibility and transparency.

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