Nimbus Engineer App

Take effectiveness to the next level with a productivity tool designed for fire alarm service engineers. 

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Streamline maintenance and commissioning

Nimbus Engineer App 

Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with the Nimbus Portal and both the Fixed Gateway and the Mobile Gateway to record an engineer’s notes whilst testing.

All data from the Nimbus Engineer App is forwarded to the Nimbus Portal, including all activity, comments, and photographs which are recorded against each asset within the current service period. Tests are automatically recorded with no manual intervention, guaranteeing a record of exactly what happened. Test records are logged with the engineer’s comments within Nimbus.

Ensure compliance and get more done.


Next-level effectiveness

FireMate's Nimbus Engineer App helps fire techs and engineers get more of the right things done

The Nimbus Fixed Gateway and Mobile Gateway securely connect the Nimbus Engineer App and fire alarm panels via the Nimbus cloud-based portal. By communicating directly with fire alarm panels, techs and engineers can confirm that a detector or another asset is responding appropriately to tests without standing in front of the fire panel. This saves time, improves accuracy and compliance, and makes reporting a breeze.


Optimise rectification and upgrade work 
Compliance tick
Confirm completed tests in real-time and record and log Pass/Fail with comments, photos and barcodes
Schedule which devices or assets to test during service visits
Reduce fire tech and engineer testing workload to enhance productivity

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