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FireMate Fire Protection Maintenance Software

Our custom-built asset management software is designed BY the fire industry FOR the fire industry. Grow your business and enhance profitability by reducing overheads, automating business processes, mitigating risk and improving compliance. We understand industry standards and legislative requirements, which means you can deliver automatic compliance reports, asset management, invoicing and defect quoting through industry-based workflows and processes.

FireMate Web

FireMate Web offers a snapshot of all the key information and business insights you need to run your fire protection maintenance business.

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Mobile App

Increase the accuracy and productivity of your field staff by enabling them to manage your customers’ assets effortlessly with the FireMate mobile app.

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Customer Portal

The FireMate customer portal offers your clients self-service access to asset registers, invoices, and compliance reports. Save time by reducing phone tag and unnecessary emails.

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FireMate Fire Protection Maintenance Software

FireMate Web

FireMate Web offers you a snapshot of all the key information and business insights you need to run your fire maintenance business.

It replaces all the traditional manual systems, such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, calendars and job sheets etc., into one easy to use, automated online solution.

FireMate Web is written from a complete audit and compliance perspective with all actions within the system being tracked and logged. You and your office staff will love it!

Compliance reporting

FireMate is built around the requirements of all Australian Standards and helps you to maintain compliance with the press of a button.

It will generate state-based sign off documents, such as System Condition Report, AESMR, NSW AFSS and QLD Occupier Statement as well as all monthly compliance reports.

Even better, this process can be automated so you can set and forget with confidence knowing your compliance reporting is taking care of.

Contract administration

To reduce your workload, FireMate incorporates automatic emailing for contractual KPI and compliance management. It enables industry specified automatic billing options as well as automatic contract rollover and adjustments, including annual CPI.

You can customise labour rates and equipment on a contract to contract level. FireMate will allow you to select the relevant version of AS1851 to provide accurate compliance.

Scheduling / calendar

Never miss a test again! Built to schedule thousands of activities within seconds and in accordance with respective standards or contractual obligations, the FireMate scheduler is flexible enough to cater for every situation.

You can schedule jobs by day, week, or month, or even a recurring job that happens on the same day and time each month. And when a test is completed, the system will automatically roll the next due date based on compliance requirements.

From hydrants to hose reels, emergency lights to extinguishers, special hazards to sprinklers the FireMate scheduler has been developed to handle routine testing for all products.

Defects and quoting

In FireMate your technicians must sanitise your defect data on site before passing or failing the assets. This stops duplication of defects in your system and removes the time-wasting task of double-checking for your administration team.

Every defect has a complete audit history and is stamped with the date and time created. You can track conversion times from raising the defect to sending to the customer. When a critical defect is raised, your service manager is automatically notified.


FireMate allows all standard billing types from annual contract invoicing to do-and-charge and everything in between. Invoices can be set to be emailed automatically.

You can set standard rates for labour and equipment across your entire portfolio with customisations available on a customer-by-customer and contract-by-contract basis – so billing becomes a breeze.

When your techs complete rectifications in the field, a draft invoice is generated automatically. Your administration team then complete a quick review before sending to the client. Easy!

Mobile App for field staff

Your on-site techs can create new or edit site asset registers on the run, they can capture photos and record non-critical as well as critical defects, non-conformances, and recommendations.

The workload that has been created in the office will automatically download on your techs’ device. They can also access directions and site notes plus log their jobs without having to complete endless paperwork. And all the information synchronises with the office. It really is that simple!

FireMate works offline to ensure full functionality in underground or remote areas. And it is compatible with all Apple/iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Workload access

Enable your field staff to make best use of their time: Your techs can view their workload by location, due date, or a complete list. FireMate also contains multiple search options giving your technicians greater visibility over their workload.

Technicians have access to all the relevant property information they require on-site – no more calls back to the office requesting contact details or site notes etc.!

They are also able to action callouts from their device by connecting with the office data remotely and generating the job from their device.

Asset management

Manage customers assets with ease, track critical information such as pressure tests dates, flow rates, last inspection date and all other required values. Record assets by scanning a barcode or QR-code, by asset number or work sequence.

If you need to maintain one extinguisher or a complete national contract containing all fire and life safety products – FireMate can handle it all.

Passing and failing assets

Technicians can save photos at an asset, defect and rectification level, providing evidence and greater transparency for your client. Techs fail assets against the specific prompt and can use prebuilt common responses for ease of recording and consistent reporting.

They can repair onsite, adding inventory from your database speeding up invoicing back in the office or for pressure tests on extinguishers, simply use our Swap & Go button to automate this process.


Your clients can sign off jobs on the tech’s mobile device, which then transfers to all compliance reports.

At the completion of a job, the required compliance report can be automatically forwarded to your client, held over to months end or generated manually – your choice! Logbook reports are then stored digitally which cross-reference to onsite records.

Working offline

Whether you’re in the basement pump room or the Outback, FireMate saves all your results until back in service and you can then upload photos and sync back to the office.

Customer Portal

With FireMate you can give your clients access to their information 24/7 via your customer portal. They can view and action all the typical day to day information they might ordinarily call or email you for: site asset registers, invoices, and compliance reports can all be viewed and downloaded, plus outstanding defects and quotes approved directly from the portal.

Customise your portal with your logo and embed a link so your clients can access it directly through your website.

Portfolio overview

The portal shows your clients a snapshot of everything that is outstanding at a portfolio level: outstanding jobs, invoices for payment or quotes awaiting approval.

Your clients can then approve quotations with the click of a mouse.

Property specifics

Your clients can review the current status of each property individually and also access historical test results, documents and data including compliance reports.

Photos and attachments

Easy document sharing with your clients: photographs and attachments can be made available to your clients in various relevant locations throughout the portal.

These can be attached either at a portfolio level or on a property by property basis. You can even make defect photos available to customers whilst they are reviewing the quote.

Request a tech

Your clients can submit a call-out through the portal, notifying your office staff of the request which can then be actioned accordingly.

FireMate fire protection maintenance software customers work successfully with these accounting packages.

FireMate fire protection maintenance software

Why is FireMate different from other asset management systems?

Us. As former Fire Protection contractors and in conjunction with our world class software development team, we have built our software solution with your business in mind.

So you can be sure FireMate does exactly what you need to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

Moreover, our sole focus is on developing a product for use by Fire Protection Contractors – you!

Who uses FireMate Software?

Over 3,000 users trust FireMate to manage their Fire Protection Business. FireMate is powerful enough to be used by some of Australia’s largest Fire Protection Companies but flexible enough to suit even the smallest.

Will FireMate integrate with my accounting package?

FireMate clients work successfully with various accounting packages, including but not limited to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Pronto & SAP.

How easy is it for field staff to use?

The mobile app is very easy to use. The onsite workflow has been designed so that regardless if you are a tech-savvy sparky or a sprinkler fitter with a hate for anything technical, you’ll pick up FireMate very quickly.

Does FireMate come with a barcode module?

Yes, the App can work with both barcodes and QR codes, as well as traditional asset numbers.

What sort of device do my technicians require to use FireMate in the field?

FireMate is optimised for mobile phones and tablets and it is both iOS and Android compatible.

Is FireMate suitable for small teams?

For sure! FireMate is used by teams of one as well as teams of several hundred field staff. FireMate can grow with you as your business changes.


Does FireMate help to comply with Australian Standards AS1851-2012 inspection prompts?

Yes, FireMate fire protection software is built around the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005, in fact around the requirements of all maintenance standards. 

What kind of reports does FireMate offer?

FireMate generates all scheduled maintenance reports as well as state-based sign off documents, such as System Condition Report, AESMR, NSW AFSS and QLD Occupier Statement.

Training and support

Can you import my existing customer information into FireMate?

Yes, data migration is available with FireMate. We will go above and beyond to ensure we help as much as we can, however as every company has a slightly different setup, each import will vary.

How much assistance do we get with onboarding FireMate in our business?

We want to ensure you have a successful transition to FireMate and as such provide extensive training and support through this process.

What sort of training does FireMate offer?

As all FireMate training and support staff are from the Fire Protection Industry we get your business. We can provide a mixture of online and onsite training. Whatever suits your needs best.

What sort of technical support does FireMate offer?

FireMate offers free and lifelong technical support via email and phone.

FireMate's fire protection maintenance software will transform your business.

If you'd like to know more, give us a call!