Be in the Know

The new FireMate Knowledge Base is live!

The Knowledge Base is the easiest and most convenient way to Be in the Know on all things FireMate.

The articles are organised under four key areas with more areas to come:

  • FireMate for Administration & Accounts (Desktop)
  • FireMate for Techs & Engineers (Mobile)
  • What’s new in FireMate
  • FireMate global settings

Enjoy step-by-step walkthroughs with images to support you during your FireMate journey. For example, check out this article that shows how easy it is to integrate your FireMate desktop with Xero.

Knowledge Base FAQs

Q. Can I still contact FireMate support?
A. OF COURSE! We love taking your calls, emails and support tickets. The Knowledge Base is just another way to get the information you need quickly.

Q. Who writes the Knowledge Base articles?
A. The FireMate Customer Experience (CX) and Product Teams.

Q. What’s the web address of the Knowledge Base, and do I need to log in?
A., and no login is required.

Q. What if I can’t find the answer I need in the Knowledge Base?
A. On every page of the Knowledge Base, you can ask a question, and of course, you can always contact the CX team.

FireMate's new Knowledge Base is Live
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