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Six key topics stand out when we’re talking with our clients about how to grow their businesses. If you’re interested in expanding your business, ask yourself in which areas you might need to improve.

1. Look after your team

For a business to be successful, good staff with the right skills and mindset are essential. If you want to hold on to your valued workers, improving your employees’ job satisfaction is key. Staff that feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay – and to go above and beyond for your company.

It goes without saying that equipping your team with the right tools and latest technology (technological resources/ tools and software) will enable them to do their job well. Developing a culture where your team take a genuine interest in each others’ well-being is likewise critical. As is providing feedback on their performance and offering training and upskilling opportunities. Clearly, if you look after your team, they’re more likely to stay with you and your company will be a magnet for high-quality staff.

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

Richard Branson

2. Solve your customers’ problems

It won’t be a surprise, that the fire protection maintenance services market is very competitive. While attracting new customers is important (see the next section), retaining your current customers is even more important. Solving their business problems is one of the best ways to demonstrate your value and maintain their loyalty.

This can mean providing the reports that your customers need when they need them, performing inspections in their preferred timeframes, or even just explaining complex compliance requirements.

Account management is the responsibility of your whole team. If done well, you’ll be able to transition your business relationship to that of a trusted advisor and turn your clients into advocates.

3. Attract new customers

Promoting your fire protection business and attracting new customers are critical to your long-term growth and financial stability. Many fire protection companies have business development managers focused on winning new business, but not so many have marketing plans in place to support this team and attract new customers. Along with a well-designed website, your marketing plan could include activities like social media marketing, Google keyword advertising, and targeted sponsorship.

What’s important is that your business stands out from other service providers. Working out what makes your business different and promoting your story, is the secret.

4. Never miss a test

Organising a myriad of tests each month in accordance with scheduled frequencies can be challenging. Missing a routine inspection not only looks bad, but it also impacts compliance and will probably cost you money. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Smart scheduling allows you to book thousands of activities within seconds and in accordance with respective standards or contractual obligations. This not only ensures your compliance, it also enhances the productivity of your office staff and field teams – and lets you focus on customers instead of admin.

5. Optimise your defect management processes

Rectifying defects improves building safety and results in a compliant building. Effective defect management helps you generate revenue and demonstrate the quality of your service to your clients.

To optimise the management of defects, it’s important to make it easy for your techs to identify and raise defects. Comprehensive reports with photo evidence provide transparency and mean that your customers will recognise the importance of defect rectification. By automating quote follow-ups your work is dramatically reduced and compliance assured. Encouraging customers to approve quotes quickly, enables you to collect revenue in a timely manner and reduces admin time.

6. Know what’s happening in your business

It’s hard to focus on business growth if you don’t know what’s happening in your company. One of the most important business fundamentals is to know where you have capacity bottlenecks. For instance, if you have many unassigned jobs or overdue inspections, you may well need additional staff. Likewise, if the average time to quote is too high, this may result underutilised field teams along with compliance ramifications from defects that have not been rectified. Identifying completed jobs that are not invoiced lets you see revenue leakage from the first drop.

Having actionable business insights designed specifically for a fire protection business means you can make clever business decisions sooner.

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