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Meet the team - fire industry and software experts

Question 1: What did you do before FireMate?

Rob T. (Managing Director)

Before FireMate, I actually dreamed of working with and developing FireMate. I started in the Fire Industry over 20 years ago as an Electrical Apprentice with what at the time was a small business in Canberra, National Fire Solutions, as 1 of 5 employees. Yada yada yada to my last day there… I was CEO – Service and 1 of over 500 employees, and NFS had grown to be the 3rd largest fire company in Australia. I was very fortunate to work with such a great company and with such a fantastic team.

Kamil (Development Team)

I worked as a software developer across diverse industries. Among these, the most interesting were my last 3 positions including two top British corporations – Imagination Technologies and Arm, and in between, I spent 3 exciting years working for a mid-sized automotive company. At Imagination Technologies, I was responsible for the software modelling of their video processing technologies. At Arm, I was helping with the development of an embedded computer vision and machine learning technology. I also loved the time I spent working for the automotive company, where I not only learnt how to develop software which is safe and secure but was also given the chance to work with stunning vehicles such as McLaren, Ford GT or Tesla.

Andrew (Development Team)

Before starting with FireMate, I actually worked for another software company focused on the fire protection industry. That product was eventually bought and dismantled, so I made the jump to a brand new start-up in the same field. They were full of hope and ambition, they just needed someone to write some code.

FireMate Crossfitters

Question 2: What do you like doing outside of work?

Eleisha (Sales Team)

I am the crazy horse lady – I have had horses my whole life and currently have two. Horses are my life’s passion and I couldn’t live without them. If I am not riding my horse, you can find me doing some form of exercise: cycling, swimming or CrossFit! But horses first and foremost!

Roz (Development Team)

Singing a-cappella Barbershop and cycle touring.

John (Development Team)

Crossfit ! I’ve been obsessed with sport all my adult life. Anything that gets me out of the house, but mostly endurance stuff, running, cycling etc. Including one IronMan (Lanzarote). If something is difficult, I want to have a go. Was obsessed with indoor rowing for a while (Concept 2). These days I look for slightly unusual things – ice skating, gymnastics, flexibility. Obsessed with pull-ups and working on my splits, probably just because they’re hard. Also, enjoy the cinema and dining out afterwards. We have a cinema chain here in the UK called Everyman, where you get a massive comfy sofa, a glass of wine etc. – it’s a great night out.

Brad (Development Team)

Outside of work you can find me adventuring with my Golden Retriever named Fox, playing video games and watching cricket, basketball and AFL.

FireMate Software Specialists Teamwork

Question 3: What do you like about working at FireMate?

Rob T. (Managing Director)

Everything! A question I ask people whilst interviewing them is: What is your dream job? I’m fortunate enough to say that I’m doing my dream job. I love our staff and our company culture, but most of all I genuinely love helping our clients by making their lives easier.

Stacey (Customer Experience Team)

I love working here because we have a great product to work with, great colleagues and great licensees!

Johan (Finance Team)

FireMate has successfully developed a fantastic product in a niche space, with long-standing customer and industry relationships, and (in particular, thanks to the merge with Halma) has a tremendous platform for growth both locally and internationally. This type of success has been achieved by the shared efforts of many, which all contribute to an amazing work culture. Being a part of that puzzle is the best part of working at FireMate.

Brendan (Development Team)

The innovation and the technology gets me bouncing out of bed every day to tackle the next challenge.

Question 4: If you were the eight dwarf, what would your name be and why?

Andrew (Development Team)

They call him Speedy. Forever tapping away at the keyboard, his words-per-minute is matched only by his number of typos, spelling mistakes, and emails sent without the attachment they were supposed to have.

Johan (Finance Team)

Definitely Whingy – I’ll have a light-hearted whinge at everything from a coffee machine to a 40 minute, high-intensity workout. No preferential treatment!

Jade (Development Team)

Giggles. Because I’m one for laughing at both appropriate and inappropriate times, but above all, I believe life requires laughter!

Tristan (Customer Experience Team)

Annoying. Starts off as the quiet one in a group, and then when I get to know everyone, I’ll be the loud one talking too much.

Question 5: What movie title best describes your life?

Dave (Customer Experience Team)

Depends on the day. Animal House/Apocalypse Now/The Goonies/Groundhog Day/Pulp Fiction/Wizard of Oz.

Doro (Marketing Team)

Being German and a non-native speaker in Australia… “Lost in translation” pretty much nails it ;D

Tristan (Customer Experience Team)

For 2020 I’d say “Alien” – trapped inside with something ‘out there’ that wants to kill me.
Generally, I’d say “The Truman Show“- I swear ‘The production crew’ take things off shelves in the supermarket to see my reaction…

UJ (Development Team)

The Pursuit of Happiness – Life is what we make it.

Question 6: What book/s do you recommend reading?

Rob S. (Development Team)

Ocean Sea‘ by Alessandro Baricco is the most beautifully whimsical and poetic novel I’ve ever read, it’s pure brilliance. I can’t rave about it any harder – everyone must read this.
Watchmen‘ by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is the pinnacle of the graphic novel art-form. It’s also got a completely different ending from the movie, so don’t be put off if you’ve seen it already!
AS-1851‘ by Australian Standards is a real edge-of-your-seat thriller smattered with passages of steamy passion for the wild at heart who longs for some self-indulgent escapism.

Nori (Marketing Team)

Breath‘ by Winton, as someone who grew up by the ocean, I am infatuated with all the elements of the coastline. In ‘Breath’ Tim captures the beauty of Australian coastline and the excitement of being in natures wildest places.

Adam (Sales Team)

Black Man – Richard Morgan
Killing Commendatore – Haruki Murakami

Ashley (Customer Experience Team)

As the Crow Flies‘ by Damien Boyd, ‘Scythe‘ by Neal Shusterman, ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior‘ by Dan Millman, and ‘Don’t Make Me Think‘ by Steve Krugg

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