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Innovations in fire protection maintenance processes

The fire protection industry is accustomed to change and innovation. Despite being able to trace its roots back at least 2,000 years to ancient Roman Times, the fire protection industry is forward-thinking and has generally demonstrated a willingness to adopt technology and new processes to reduce the risk and impact of fire on people and property. Along with innovations in the design, manufacture and installation of fire protection systems, it is also essential that improved methods of maintaining or servicing these systems are continually reviewed and developed.

A challenge for fire protection maintenance service providers and their teams of field technicians is the large number of standards and regulations they are required to access and be familiar with. 

Just-in-time access to maintenance standards 

In late May, Standards Australia presented their 2022 Innovation Award to Rob Thomas, a former fire technician and manager of one of Australia’s largest fire-protection maintenance service providers. This award recognises those who have championed new and better ways of delivering standards to end-users, where that innovation meets a clear need and benefits the community and industry. 

Rob has pioneered an innovative approach to delivering the Australian Standards to fire technicians in the field in partnership with Standards Australia. The first-of-its-kind system offers just-in-time and in-context access to vital information as fire technicians inspect fire-protection assets, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. 

Just in time innovation

This article was written by FireMate with a version published by Asia Pacific Fire Magazine in July 2022.

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