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Nimbus enhances fire safety at leading university

The University of Bristol is a leading higher education and research institution in areas as diverse as healthcare, chemistry, mathematics and sports sciences. It comprises several sites scattered across the city and the surrounding region, which vary from student residences to lecture theatres to laboratories and workshops. This complexity presents a challenge to the university’s fire safety management processes, which must comply with legislation such as the Fire Safety Order 2005.

University of Bristol

The solution

Nimbus Gateway

25 Nimbus Gateway units have been connected to fire alarm systems in the University’s City Centre and Langford Campuses and the Stoke Bishop student residential area, collectively monitoring more than 100 buildings, some which are separated by distances of over 15 miles.

Nimbus Notify

A major benefit to the management process has been the emails that Nimbus immediately sends to notify the maintenance teams about events that occur on the systems. These events are stored in an infinite log in the cloud-hosted Nimbus Portal.

Nimbus Engineer

Fire alarm service contractors record the testing they perform during their visits via the Nimbus Engineer app, which sends the data directly to the database. This allows the university’s estates team to quickly check that a system is in compliance and which devices are due for testing.

The benefits

The benefits for system maintenance have been so positive that he university’s estates team is intending to continue integrating Nimbus into its fire alarm systems as they are refurbished and recommissioned.

Improved compliance

Anywhere, anytime visibility

Notification icon

Effective response to fire events

Efficient maintenance

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