Nimbus Remote Fire Alarm Management

FireMate’s cloud-based remote fire alarm management solution offers visibility of your entire portfolio of fire systems. Anywhere, anytime access is provided via mobile app or web browser, regardless of fire panel type or manufacturer.

The Nimbus gateway is a simple and quick add-on to any fire panel and connects via an existing internet service or the on-board mobile network service.

Be in the know

The Nimbus Notify app from FireMate (Android or iOS) delivers location-specific event notifications as they happen. You will receive notifications on your smartphone even when the screen is locked, and the application is closed.

Nimbus Notify is totally configurable with repeat alerts until cleared, selectable sounds and the ability for a user to feedback the cause of the event – ideal for recording false and/or unwanted alarms. All activity is recorded to an infinite log where you can access the information through any desktop or mobile internet connection, including your FireMate dashboard.

Event notifications

Receive Fire, Fault, Isolation etc. notifications by email or on your mobile with the Nimbus Notify app.

Notifications include the device location description details as programmed within the fire alarm panels.

Reduce false alarms with the Nimbus ‘confirmed fire’ event. Nimbus identifies and sends alerts on confirmed fires when fire events are detected in quick succession in a defined zone. Technicians can also provide feedback on fire events to a centralised location.

Nimbus differentiates between false alarms and confirmed fire events and consequently helps to reduce the number of callouts of the Fire Brigade.

Fire Systems

Remote fire systems monitoring supports both stand-alone and networked fire alarms and is compatible with most major fire panel brands including Advanced, Ampac, C-Tec, Edwards, Pertronics, Protec, Siemens, Simplex, Syncro and Ziton.
View all supported technology.


Compliance reports can be generated as per legislative requirements. In addition to this, users can generate internal reports with various search criteria such as Date, Time, Site, Panel, Loop, Device and Event.

Detector & field device testing

Nimbus from FireMate provides your on-site team with a full list of detectors for each site and enables testing and recording of results for each specific asset. So, regardless if you are conducting 20%, 50% or 100% testing of your field assets – we’ve got you covered. 

Easy installation

Nimbus is remarkably simple to install, configure and operate and can be easily expanded to reflect changes to the building’s network of alarms. The whole process typically takes less than 30 minutes to install.

Compatible with leading fire alarm manufacturers

FireMate partners with leading fire alarm manufacturers to ensure Nimbus is compatible with fire alarm systems on the market. Click the link below to see the latest supported panels and technology.

Nimbus supported technology

Receive clear records of all live notifications directly from the fire alarm panel and benefit from the transparency of service activities and reduced overheads.


Nimbus remote fire alarm management

Does Nimbus work on Android and iOS?

Nimbus Notify works on both operating systems. Nimbus Engineer and Nimbus Weekly Test are only supported on Android.

What event notifications does Nimbus deliver?

Remote fire systems monitoring sends email and/or mobile phone notifications based on multiple different event types, including; Fire, Pre-Alarm, Fault, Isolation, Reset etc.

What information is included in an event notification?

Nimbus event notifications details include Site Name, Date/Time, Panel, Loop, Address, Device Description, Zone and Event Description.

How does Nimbus work/communicate?

Nimbus connects to the fire alarm panel and communicates all fire alarm activity to the remote fire systems monitoring database via Ethernet or cellular connection.

Event notifications can be sent via email or mobile phone app, and are visible on the Nimbus Portal.

Are there any limitations to the number of notifications and or recipients?

No, remote fire systems monitoring can be configured to deliver unlimited event notifications to an unlimited number of recipients.

What fire alarms / panels does Nimbus work with?

FireMate partners with leading fire alarm manufacturers to ensure Nimbus is compatible with fire alarm systems on the market. Click here to see the latest supported fire alarms and technology.

Compliance and reporting

What kind of reporting does Nimbus offer?

Nimbus offers immediate notifications to the mobile app, via email or to a desktop web browser. Notifications include confirmed fire, fault and isolations.

Training and support

How much assistance do we get with onboarding Nimbus into our business?

We want to ensure you have a successful transition to Nimbus and as such provide extensive training and support through this process.

What training does FireMate offer?

FireMate’s training and support staff are experienced industry experts, so we get your business. We can provide a mixture of online and onsite training. Whatever suits your needs best.

What technical support does FireMate offer?

FireMate offers free and lifelong technical support via web, email and phone.