About FireMate

Pioneering solutions for the fire industry built by mates.

Our story

When a small team of experienced fire protection specialists (mates) saw their industry struggling with mountains of paperwork, complex procedures and ever-increasing compliance frameworks, they decided there was a better way.

Like many innovative companies, FireMate started small, with lots of passion, ideas and self-belief. The first office was an unused storeroom with a tiny window and barely enough space for two desks. The team knew the fire protection business like the back of their hands, they started as fire techs and had risen through the ranks to become senior managers.

The asset management software created by the FireMates transformed the fire protection industry by accelerating field technicians’ day-to-day procedures and automating repetitive processes for service managers and business owners. FireMate quickly became an indispensable ‘tool of the trade’ for thousands of fire protection professionals.

Fast forward a few years, and FireMate today is used across the globe; even more industry experts have joined the team, and our solution portfolio has expanded. Oh, and we moved out of the storeroom!

P.S. Despite the remarkable strides we’ve made (that we’re super proud of), FireMate is still a bunch of passionate mates who care about their customers and want to help them get stuff done in a better way, every day.

The FireMate Storeroom

Real people.
Real solutions.
Real mates.