Remote fire alarm management

Get connected and be in the know

Cloud-based fire alarm management solution that offers anywhere, anytime visibility of your entire portfolio of fire protection systems regardless of fire panel type or manufacturer.

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Be notified 

With Nimbus, you can select fire panel events that are important to you and then receive a notification on your mobile device immediately when an event happens. 

Be connected

Nimbus connects you to all your fire panels anywhere, anytime. The Nimbus Fixed and Mobile Gateways plug into fire panels from leading manufacturers.


Be in the know

Nimbus provides building managers and fire protection specialists with full visibility of critical fire protection systems across an entire property portfolio. 

Pioneering solutions

A modern approach to fire alarm management

For building and facilities managers

Ensuring fire safety equipment and alarm systems are operating correctly across multiple locations is no easy task. Nimbus helps facilities managers, building owners and employers to lower the risk of fire and ensure compliance.

Providing 24/7 simple access to fire protection system notifications along with proof of testing reduces risk and increases transparency without increasing workload.

For fire protection installers and maintenance service providers

Nimbus offers fire protection maintenance service providers a unique capability to streamline maintenance and commissioning activities. The solution is a simple add-on to existing properties and is uncomplicated to include in new installations.

By deploying Nimbus Fixed Gateways at their customer sites, fire protection service providers can deliver new and enhanced services to their customers. 

Connecting a Nimbus Mobile Gateway to a fire panel allows an on-site engineer to easily record test results and significantly reduce their time on site.

Unparalleled visibility and control

Nimbus product family overview

Nimbus Fixed Gateway

The Nimbus Fixed Gateway is the always-on conduit between fire panels and the Nimbus Portal and Nimbus Apps. The Gateway securely links fire assets across buildings using the inbuilt cellular or network connection.

The Gateway is compatible with leading fire panels, including standalone and networked fire alarms are supported. Installation is quickly completed by fire protection professionals without disruption to building occupants.

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Nimbus Mobile Gateway

The Nimbus Mobile Gateway is a portable test logger for fire alarm service engineers and technicians. Engineers can quickly connect the Mobile Gateway to a fire panel that sends panel notifications and logs to the Nimbus cloud-hosted service.

As techs or engineers test assets across the property, they receive immediate feedback on their mobile devices. This improves the quality of compliance testing and simplifies testing procedures.

The Mobile Gateway is easily disconnected from the panel and taken to the next property.

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Nimbus Notify App

Nimbus Notify is a mobile application that delivers Nimbus fire alarm event notifications. Utilising push notifications allows any Android or Apple iOS smartphone to receive and display Nimbus events even when the smartphone screen is locked and the application is closed.

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Nimbus Engineer App

Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with the Nimbus Portal to record an engineer’s notes whilst testing. All data from Nimbus Engineer is forwarded to the Nimbus Portal including all activity, comments, and photographs which are recorded against each asset within the current service period.

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Nimbus Weekly Test App

Nimbus Weekly Test is an Android application that notifies a user of a pending ‘fire alarm weekly test’ with specific instructions on which Manual Call Points (MCPs) should be tested. The user receives confirmation as tests are performed and the results are logged to the Nimbus Weekly Test log.

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Nimbus Control Room Monitor

Nimbus Control Room Monitor (CRM) is a multi-property remote alarm monitoring and control system that receives, displays and logs events from numerous Nimbus Fixed Gateways. The Gateways are connected to fire alarm systems, CCTV, IT equipment, access control, intruder and other systems via digital inputs.

Alarms and events are continuously monitored remotely and presented to the console operator in levels of priority. This facilitates quick decision-making when needed and detailed event logs as required. Nimbus CRM is delivered as a locked-down application, including the PC operating system, to ensure secure and continuous operation.  

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The core of Nimbus

Nimbus Portal

The Nimbus Portal is at the heart of Nimbus and provides secure browser-based access to the cloud-hosted Nimbus system.

As well as being the central location for all logged events, the Portal is also where system administrators can tailor event notifications to meet core business compliance requirements.

The Portal offers flexible reporting capabilities with both on-screen filtering and the ability to download log files for further analysis as required.

Action-packed features

Compatible with leading fire panels

Receive Fire, Fault, Isolation etc. notifications by email or on your mobile phone app.

Remote fire systems monitoring supports both stand-alone and networked fire alarms and is compatible with most major Fire Panel brands including Ampac FireFinder, Ampac ZoneSense, Advanced, Brooks, Pertronics, Protec, Siemens, Simplex, Syncro and Ziton. 

Compliance reports can be generated as per legislative requirements. In addition to this, users can generate internal reports with various search criteria such as Date, Time, Site, Panel, Loop, Device and Event.

FireMate Remote fire systems monitoring provides your on-site team with a full list of detectors for each site and enables testing and recording of results for each specific asset. So, regardless if you are conducting 20%, 50% or 100% testing of your field assets – we’ve got you covered. 

Remote fire systems monitoring is remarkably simple to install, configure and operate and can be easily expanded to reflect changes to the building’s network of alarms. The whole process typically takes less than 30 minutes to install.


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